Playing the World's Best Classic Rock

Exactly the music I remember on KGB 101.5, KCBQ, KFMB, XHIS & others.  Thank you for keeping Rock & Roll alive and well in San Diego!  Ronnie

You help me over the x-Mas Days, thanx from Germany Norton

On a snowy day in Manchester in February, you have provided the soundtrack to my day with   a collection of the most excellent tunes. Thanks for the stream - how do you make 128kbps sound so good -the audio production techniques you use are excellent   Tim

Thanks to the best Classic Rock Station worldwide from Munich ,Bavaria best wishes from Frank

Hi, Rocks my barbecue in Gurapari, Brazil!!!  Jeff

You are the best period  Alicia B & Company Auk

Love your station. The music is great. Thank you for no ads. Best, Your loyal fans from New Zealand for years and year running!  Per

Asterisk Radio is the best classic rock station on the planet not just some other cookie cutter
station with more crap and ads than music thanks Leslie in Kearny Mesa

I like this mix very much. Best I have found and not sure how that happened. Thanks  Jim

Absolutely the BEST station for classic rock! Lots of Zepplin, Rush, Ozzy and RHC Peppers.      I listen everyday :)  Karsten

Just listened to 93-Z.  What a great music.   Now my favorite.   Gracias,  Maree